For independence, we towards all children being about to recognise and open their own bag. Let them be involved in selecting the bag and taking ownership of it. Please ensure it is large enough to hold all their belongings and is clearly labelled.



 Children are asked to bring their lunch in a plastic lunchbox with a lid that they can open. As all lunches must be placed in the fridge in each room, please so not send a cooler bag, as these are not effective in the fridge. We ask that you label your child’s lunchbox on both the bottom and lid. We try to encourage a healthy lunch at the service.


Water bottle

Please provide a drink bottle clearly labelled with your child’s name filled with water. Periodically throughout the day educators will check children’s water bottles and refill them.


Spare Clothing

 Every now and then accidents occur and it may be necessary for your child your get hanged into a fresh set of clothing. Please include a complete change of clothes everyday which can stay in your child’s bag….. just in case!

  • T-Shirt or Long Sleeve Top

  • Jumper

  • Long Pants, Shorts or Skirt

  • Undies

  • Socks

  • Singlet

  • Parker for outdoor play


Sheet Bag (Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly Prep Groups only)

 All children in the Caterpillar, Chrysalis and Butterfly Prep groups are encouraged to rest in the middle of the day. We aim to make rest time a relaxed, pleasant time for all children. We provide stretcher beds and play soft music in the background. Two sheets, a fitted cot sheet and top sheet, in a sheet bag (a pillow slip with a draw string cord), which is to be taken home weekly for washing and returned. Both the sheets and sheet bag are to be labelled with the child’s name. You are welcome to pack a pillow and blanket to suit your child’s needs.


Sheet bags can be purchased from Greengables for $8.


Handy Hint: Children are encouraged to locate their own beds and back away their sheets please keep child’s sheets the same each week and ensure they are easily identifiable with a pattern or colour. If sheets are white please write your child’s name in large letters across the sheets.



If your child still requires nappies when they begin at Greengables please provide 4-6 nappies each day clearly labelled with your child’s name and place into the Nappy Storage System in the Caterpillar and Chrysalis Room.


If your child only requires a sleep time nappy please provide 1-2 nappies a day.


Greengables Hat

On your child’s first day they will be provided with a Greengables Hat. These hats must be worn everyday when playing outside for protection against the sun. Please make sure to include it in your child’s bag everyday regardless of the weather conditions.


Family Photo

 We have in all rooms a Family Wall. This is a strong and valuable tool in our environment for your children to connect to, feel that they and their family are valued and that their family is as much a part of the Service, even if they are not always there. If you would like to bring in a photo, we would love to add it to our wall.