Greengables holds tours between 9:30 am and 11am. Call today to book in a tour, to check out the service, programs and facilities, watch on as play time is in full swing and chat with educators. Have all your questions answered!


On a tour you will see,


-          Play time in full swing with children completing various learning expereinces with an educator as well as free play

-          See classrooms including Caterpillar and Chrysalis room( 2-4s) and Butterfly Room (4-5’s) which is our decicated preschool room.

-          Both playgrounds and office area

-          Be shown examples of lunch box ideas

-          Big school work example books

-          Artworks around the room, giving example and reason for completing

-          Parents information area

-          Bedding and sleeping arrangements

-          Nappy facilities and toileting ideas and suggestions

-          Introduced to all educators in the classroom

-          Chance for your child to play (if child is on tour with you)

-          Chance to ask questions and or concerns


To book a tour please email or complete the details to the right.

Thanks! Message sent.


Come and visit us