Greengables is a long day care centre located in the residential area of Kingsford, in the Eastern Suburbs of NSW. Greengables is a private, family owned and operated service since its opening in 1992.


We are licensed by the Department of Education and Communities for 58 children per day with ages ranging from 2-6 years old. We have three groups within our Service, Caterpillars (2-3s), Chrysalis (3-4s) and Butterflies (4-5s).


Greengables is open from 8am and closes at 5:30pm, Monday to Friday. Greengables operates in two buildings one being a converted house (Butterfly Room) and the other being purpose built (Caterpillar and Chrysalis Room). We are often told that our centre feels much more like a family home, which is a big part of the appeal to many of our families.


Physical facility aside, what is most important to us is our team. We have always maintained much higher ratios than required and with much higher qualifications. We make a conscious effort to recruit educators with diverse skillsets and cultural backgrounds including Greek, German and Chinese.


At Greengables we believe children learn and develop through positive, secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships. These relationships are important for children’s development and wellbeing providing children with the necessary skills to feel respected and valued.


We also believe that when children feel safe, supported and secure in their learning environment, foundations can be built to maximise their potential as successful and confident learners. This provides a positive framework for children’s future success in life and learning.


In 2017 Greengables won Outstanding Childcare Services Category in the Randwick City Business Excellence Awards.

In 2019 Greengables Finalists the Childcare Services Category in the Randwick City Business Excellence Awards.


Greengables strives for exceeding practices at all times and is continuously working to provide an Education and Care Service which has a positive impact on children, families and the community. We pride ourselves on having strong ties with the community.