At Greengables we believe that families are the primary, most significant and influential educators of young children. We strongly value the role of the parents as a respected and supported member of the Greengables community. We invite and encourage families to participate and be involved in every aspect of the Centre. We aim to create an environment that supports and strengthens family partnerships and collaborations. We participate in Community events such as collections, donations and volunteering. Greengables hosts family events such as bowling and picnics at community locations.


We believe that every child is unique, bringing to the learning environment an individual set of capabilities, interests and pre-dispositions. Children will each achieve milestones in their learning in their own time, therefore we must cater for individuals. We encourage children to foster a positive self-concept and acceptance of others individuality. This develops and encourages a child’s sense of belonging to their world.


Through meaningful relationships with families and community we ensure children feel safe, secure and supported in the Greengables learning environment. At Greengables educators are encouraged to work collaboratively towards best practice. Through open communication, mentoring, meetings, teamwork and professional development opportunities educators are enabled to strive and grow in their professional role. Our learning environments are inviting, stimulating and intentionally organized in order to foster positive self-esteem, and catering for the unique needs of each individual child. Our routines are balanced between individual, small and large group activities, both indoors and out (Reggio Emilia and Maria Montessori approach). As children develop their sense of being they will see themselves as powerful, valued and constructive contributors to their world. We aspire to respond appropriately, promptly and consistently to the children’s individual needs. By fostering positive relationships with the children and their families, we build a safe haven and a secure base for exploration and learning. (John Bowlby, Attachment theory).


We believe children’s learning and development is gradual, continuous as well as dynamic, complex and holistic. Through play, children actively construct their own understandings of their world. The main emphasis’ influencing learning are the environment and each child’s unique heredity (Urie Bronfenbrenner-Behaviorist).By offering choice in the environment, children become active participants and decision makers in their learning.


By planning and designing learning experiences and an environment that reflects diversity, equality and inclusion children develop and enhance their own self-esteem and cultural identity. Through an anti-bias approach children and staff understand and honor all people’s similarities, differences and unique backgrounds.


Furthermore through embedding cultural learning we value and respect Australia’s rich Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Culture and heritage, as well as all children’s cultural heritages.


By presenting a literacy and numeracy rich environment children’s cognitive understandings are enriched and deepened through scaffolding provided by family, educators and peers. (Vygotsky). Furthermore, the different age/class groups are tightly connected. The children engage in joint play and orientation and transition times throughout the year.


Furthermore Greengables embraces the “Kids Matter” framework which fosters children’s mental health. Guided by the Framework, educators create, program and plan for opportunities for children to grow strong in their social and emotional intelligence. Within our daily practice we foster the children’s help seeking behaviour, resilience, confidence as well as courage and self-regulation. We believe a healthy mind sets the cornerstone for children’s development and learning.


We believe that children’s overall wellbeing is based on a healthy lifestyle, therefore Greengables takes part in the NSW Health initiative, “Munch and Move”. Within in all aspects of our program, we promote physical activity, healthy eating, adequate rest time as well as reduced screen time.


At Greengables our daily practices and procedures are guided by the Early Years Learning Framework and The National Quality Standards ensuring high expectations for children, educators and service providers, with the rights of the child being paramount. Providing a positive framework for children to become successful in life and learning.


“Educators view culture and the content of family as central to children’s sense of being and belonging, and to success in lifelong learning.”(Belonging, Being and Becoming Early Years Learning Framework page 16).