Family Involvement


At Greengables Family Involvement is actively encouraged. We value and pride ourselves on our partnership with families at Greengables. We believe families are children’s first teachers and therefore we embrace parents, guardians and family involvement within our Service. Participation by parents, guardians and families conveys a positive impression to children and allows them to feel supported as well as a sense of belonging. We believe in offering an open door policy in which families are welcome to visit the Service when it is convenient for them.


The Family Involvement program encourages parents, siblings and family members to come to the centre to take part in centre experiences. Experiences such as art and craft, reading or cooking are popular with both parents and children. Children and families always enjoy this time and you can book anytime throughout the year.


We welcome your comments and suggestions regarding the program and there are many opportunities to make these on the communication wall, via email, on our Facebook page and on Kinderloop. All comments are greatly appreciated.


There are also many other opportunities throughout the year to be involved in the Centre such as attending the Mother’s day, Father’s day and Grandparents day morning’s, attending Christmas concert and community events or assisting staff through activities such as covering books.


We also have Adopt a Pet for the weekend program. This has been a huge success. Families are invited to take home our beloved Guinea Pigs for the weekend. Greengables provides you with everything you need to care for the guinea pigs. The Guinea Pigs can be picked up any time after 3pm on Friday and returned on Monday. This program provides families with the opportunity to have a pet for a weekend without the long term commitment. 


We introduced Special Memories, extending the ways families can be involved in the centre. This allows you to see firsthand what we do and your child sees that there is a connection between home and the centre, strengthening the learning link. Special Memories can be shared on Kinderloop. Ideas include but are not excluded to:

Special events such as birthdays, Holidays, Day excursions and Significant Events.


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"Families are like branches, we grow in different directions yet our roots remain as one"