Online Portfolios


Partnerships with families permit for educators and parents to work and communicate collaboratively to give your child the best possible outcome for development. Therefore, at Greengables we will communicate with you daily about your child and understand attitudes and expectations for your child’s development. Every child will have a personal, confidential digital portfolio comprising of:


- View your child’s portfolio! There are Portfolio bimonthly observations, work samples, checklists, picture chats and regular learning stories to track your child’s progress.


– Each day, families are able to access photos and  Daily Journal the activities their child has participated in throughout the day. This is a fantastic way to keep up to date with the friends the children are making, projects they are participating in and any milestones they may be reaching whilst at the centre.


- Never miss Centre Events! View information posts relating to each upcoming event at Greengables from Special Days, Community Events to Incursions.


- Greengables encouraged open View Announcements communication between educators and families. All notices and announcements are accessible on Kinderloop.


- View  Daily Chart you child’s morning and afternoon tea portions every day!



To learn more about Kinderloop click the video




We recently introduced a new online portfolio system at Greengables called Kinderloop, which not only allows us to provide updates and feedback about your child's day, learning and events at Greengables, but also allows families to share their experiences and achievements at home.

Kinderloop provides a secure way to share information and real-time updates of your child’s day on your smart device or via the web. This App creates strong partnerships between educators and families with the help of 2-way communication: documenting and keeping the families engaged by showing you what your child is doing throughout the day.

Your Kinderloop is a safe, secure and private communication tool

· Your own private loop-Your Kinderloop is a closed and private loop, you own/control all content and who is invited.
· Personalised parent feeds- Linked family members are only sent information relating to their children.
· Your information is safe & secure


You can download Kinderloop on the AppStore or Google Play.

As a family member, how do I start?

Family members will receive a secure email invite from their child's educator, click the 'Accept Invite' link in that email and choose a username and password that you can remember and click 'Signup'. If you have multiple children, 'Signup' with the first email and with the subsequent invites, accept the invites and 'Link' with your username and password from the first child.