At Greengables, we have an individualised program for orientation and settling of children. Orientation is an important start for your child and family to connect with our Service. Children and their families are encouraged to visit the centre for orientation mornings prior to their first day at the centre. This can be arranged either over the phone or when you bring in your enrolment information.


During this orientation time, children will see a ‘normal day at kindy’ with the security of knowing they have a member of their family with them. This gives you and your child the opportunity to gain an understanding of our program, the lay out of the room, where to find things, provide Educators with additional information about your child and how we can best support their transition and settling period. It is important to talk to your child about the centre and who will be their educators. Staff are also more than happy to discuss with you anything you will need and answer any questions you might have.


We recommend that you attend the centre for at least two orientation visits before your child’s commencement. Staff will always discuss with you their ideas for settling each individual child, so it is important to communicate with us about your child’s needs.


Once your child has started, for ease of settling, educators recommend that your child attends half days. It is helpful that children attend at least two half days so they become accustomed to the new routine and the idea of being away from their primary caregiver for long periods of time. It also allows the children time to feel comfortable with staff and prepares them for attending a full day at Greengables. Communication between home and the Service must be open and happen often to best support your child during this time. There may be tears and extra tight hugs when saying goodbye for the first few weeks but there are always cuddles, reassurance and genuine care from Educators for both children and their families.