At Greengables we provide children with fruit for morning tea and vegetables and sandwiches for afternoon tea. Please provide your children with a lunchbox with their name clearly labelled on it, and a healthy lunch such as sandwiches, fruit, rice, meat, noodles, pasta etc. and a water filled drink bottle. In order to develop and maintain good eating habits, we request that no lollies, chips, sweets or junk food are packed in the children’s lunch box.


Greengables is a nut free environment. Please ensure that no peanut butter, nutella, peanut products, nuts, nut products or food cooked in any nut oil are brought to the Centre.


A nutritious morning and afternoon tea is provided by the centre, and water and milk are

provided to the children throughout the day.  Morning and afternoon tea consists of: 


- Cut up fruit and vegetables

-A variety of breads with spreads

- Biscuits and crackers

-Cheese, Dips and Yogurt

-A variety of multi-cultural foods that the children may prepare

-Seasonal items such as hot cross buns

-Water and Milk



Through out the year the children also participate in cooking experiences.

Some experiences which have been undertaken but are not limited to include:

-Shape cookies into our shape of the week program,

-Fruit salads part of the wiggles theme,

-Teddy bear biscuits for teddy bears picnic

- Pizzas as part of a Family involvement

-Fruit Milkshakes as part of our special memories program. 


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Greengables is

Allergy Aware!

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