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Immunisation is a reliable way to prevent some infections. Immunisation works by giving a person a vaccine—often a dead or modified version of the germ—against a particular disease. This makes the person’s immune system respond in a similar way to how it would respond if they actually had the disease, but with less severe symptoms. If the person comes in contact with that germ in the future, their immune system can rapidly respond and prevent the person becoming ill.



Immunisation also protects other people who are not immunised, such as children who are too young to be immunised, or people whose immune systems did not respond to the vaccine. This is because the more people who are immunised against a disease, the lower the chance that a person will ever come into contact with someone who has the disease. The chance of an infection spreading in a community therefore decreases if a large proportion of people are immunised, because the immune people will not become infected and can protect the vulnerable people; this is known as ‘herd immunity’.


As required by the Health Department we request that you supply us with your child’s immunisation details by providing a copy of your child's Australian Immunisation Statement Form from My Gov. On the direction of the Public Health unit, non-immunised children may be excluded if there is any case of a vaccine-preventable disease.





Immunisations must be kept up-to-date and the Authorised Supervisor notified each time an immunization is completed. Another copy of your child’s ‘Immunisation Statement form’ verifying the inoculations is required.


Please provide the Centre with your child’s date of birth, by providing your child’s birth certificate, Australian citizenship certificate or passport.


For information relating to Medicare and immunisation records please visit https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/medicare/australian-immunisation-register