Greengables has established a set of goals which underpin our Philosophy and Curriculum. These goals under pin our Daily practices:


· To create an environment that supports and strengthens family partnerships and collaborations.

· To create a learning environment that encourages children to foster their skills and knowledge and develop at their own pace.

· To develop children s positive self-concept.

· To build on children’s interests and individual needs through a child centred curriculum.

· To provide balanced routines, as well as stimulating and intentionally organised learning environments that support children to make decisions, and solve problems and empowers them to grow and learn.

· To establish secure, respectful and reciprocal relationships allowing children to develop a strong sense of being, belonging and becoming.

· To provide an environment where the rights of the child are paramount

· To utilise the medium of play as a journey of discovery of learning.

· To cater for the unique needs of children by creating a happy, safe place, where children laugh, learn, play, have fun and can be children.

· To plan and design learning experiences and an environment that reflects diversity, equality and inclusion.

· To establish a high level of cultural competence within our community to ensure meaningful cultural learning and dignity for all.

· To provide a sequenced learning environment where children progress through each group of Greengables in their individual learning journey, preparing them for formal schooling.

· To work within the Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards to underpin everyday practice, providing high quality care and education.

· To provide a positive framework for children to become successful in life learning.

· To promote social responsibility and respect for the environment through daily routines and practices.



“We discovered that education is not something which the teacher does, but that it is a natural process which develops spontaneously in the human being”

Maria Montessori