Events Calendar


At Greengables we celebrate many special days with many being cultural or community based. We aim to provide children with a stimulating program, providing intentional teaching experiences that provides children and Educators more opportunities to connect and contribute within their community. To meet these needs within the centre, we invite in a variety of companies, community groups and emergency services to come to Greengables and present their information. This eliminates the need for children to be taken outside the centre on excursions. We hold Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Grandparents Day and special Christmas celebrations. We feel these days add a special element to the program. We also have an Incursion once or twice a month extending on the children’s learning in the classroom. Every day is covered across the year.


Each year we have a calendar of events for the year. To the right you can see the upcoming events planned at Greengables.



An incursion is a planned experience which is conducted within Greengables and may involve members of the community attending the Centre to educate, preform or participate in learning experiences. Parent/guardian consent may need to be given prior to a child’s participation in an incursion and there may be a small cost associated which are charged to children's accounts