So as to allow your children to explore and play freely we request that they wear durable and comfortable play clothes. It is helpful to your child if they are dressed in non-restrictive, serviceable and easy to wash clothes so that they feel free to join in all the activities and to develop independence. Shoes also, need to allow children freedom to run, climb, hop and jump as well as being easy for the child to take off and put on by him/her. Please do not send your children in their best clothes. Educators ensure throughout the day that the children are dressed appropriately for the weather, so please assist by providing a change of clothes.


Greengables hats will be issued upon enrolment. Please take home your child’s hat to wash regularly.


When outdoors, staff and children will wear sun safe clothing that covers as much of the skin (especially the shoulders, back and stomach) as possible. This includes wearing:

·         Loose-fitting shirts and dresses with sleeves and collars or covered neckline.

·         Longer-style skirts, shorts and trousers.

·         Children who are not wearing sun safe clothing can be provided with spare clothing.


Please note: Midriff, crop or singlet tops do not provide enough sun protection and therefore are not recommended.