Educators can only administer medication prescribed by a doctor. They cannot administer non-prescription drugs or dietary supplements unless a doctor provides the Service with written authorisation.


Educators can only administer medication to a child from its original packaging with pharmacy instruction sticker.


On arrival at the Service families, must give medication to Educators for safe storage and complete a Medication Authorisation form. Under no circumstances should medication be left in children’s bags.


Allergies or Asthma


It is vital that we are aware of any allergies or asthma. Families are required to explain any allergy or asthma on the enrolment form as well as provide us with the diagnosis from the doctor. Greengables has a procedure the staff follow to minimise allergic reactions.


Greengables requires an Action Plan filled in by your Doctor to assist in managing your child’s needs. The Action plan is to be updated every 6 months to a year.