All groups are closely connected as the teams work in collaboration and we provide 'Family grouping' between 8am - 9am and from 4pm - 5:30pm. During 'Family grouping' the children from each group (Caterpillar, Chrysalis, Butterfly) play together in the Caterpillar and Chrysalis room or the outdoor yards.

The Caterpillar/Chrysalis Room 


The Caterpillar and Chrysalis room is a purpose built classroom for children two to four years. Within this room we have two groups our Caterpillar children who are two turning three and our Chrysalis children who are three turning four.


We are committed to building secure attachments with each child while providing a developmental and educational program which caters for each child’s individual needs, abilities and interests. Throughout the year we work on children’s social, emotional, physical, cognitive and linguistic developmental milestones. We use conversations, actions and play as the basis for teaching which involves the children being partners in teaching by seeking out ideas, opinions, thoughts and questions.


We promote children’s independence and self-help skills by encouraging their participation in routine and involving the children in interest based projects to further enhance their learning and knowledge. The learning environment reflects and caters for the children's ages, abilities, interests and skills. Age-appropriate furniture, play spaces and learning experiences allow children to move freely within the room fostering their individual learning and development. We value children and family input and encourage family involvement in order to gather a comprehensive and holistic view of the child.


The Butterfly Room


The Butterfly Room is a preschool room designed for children aged 4-5 years old who are transitioning to school within the following two years. We offer a prep and a preschool program to ensure the children’s individual needs, abilities and interest are met and developed.


The prep program allows children to experience the preschool program in a supported manner whilst the preschool program is designed to provide an attainable transition to formal schooling. Our room set up reflects the preschool-program and is based on choice, independence and school-readiness. The equipment, layout and progressive classroom allows children become autonomous.