In the Butterfly Preschool Room it is our main goal to provide best quality care for every child and enable access to meaningful learning opportunities. We believe that every child is unique, bringing to the learning environment an individual set of capabilities, interests and pre-dispositions. Children will each achieve milestones in their learning in their own time, therefore we must cater for individuals. We encourage children to foster a positive self-concept and acceptance of others individuality. This develops and encourages a child’s sense of belonging to their world.


The Butterfly room preschool program is based on independence, choice and school-readiness. The children will actively engage in the daily routine by choosing play-spaces and activities, helping with daily chores and becoming independent with their self-help skills. The program is based on interest area projects, teachable moments and observations.


The Butterfly room prep-program is an opportunity for children to ‘spread their wings’ in the Butterfly room. The Butterfly room program focuses strongly on independence, choice and school-readiness. The Butterfly prep-program is designed for children to explore this program in a supported manner with the option to proceed to formal schooling the following year.